Privacy Policy

Last updated: 2nd October 2018

CancelChecker (hereby referred to as 'the app', 'the service' or 'CancelChecker') is provided by krbzsq (hereby referred to as 'the author', 'me', 'my', 'I') AS IS. CancelChecker is provided at no cost, however options to upgrade your account on the service are available for additional charges, and ads are used to support development and enhance user experience.

This page is used to inform visitors regarding my policies of data and Personal Information collection. Any information collected is used to provide or enhance the experience of the service. I will not use or share any information with anyone except as described in this document.

If you choose to use CancelChecker in any capacity, then you are agreeing to the collection and use of your information personal or otherwise as described in this document. Any Personal Information collected from you is used for providing and improving the service. Any information given to us is shared with no other entity except as described in this document.

Information Collection and Use

Information collected is split into 2 sections, those that are required for usage of the service and those that are optional and are used to enhance your experience on the app, or report to us information about any crashes.

Information required to use the service:
  1. Driving Licence Number
  2. Driving Test Reference Number/Driving Theory Test Reference Number
These are the only things required for use. These items are kept securely on our servers and are available to no one but yourself and the service.

Information you provide that is optional:
  1. Phone Numbers
  2. Email Addresses
This information is completely optional and as such you can just choose not to provide it if you feel it's unnecessary.

Third-Party Service Providers

In order to provide the service on all the platforms, The service has a few third-party service providers. Some only specific to a certain platform. Below is a list of any third-party service providers and their associated privacy policies. I encourage you to read these thoroughly as you are agreeing to these policies when using our service.
  1. Google Play Services (Android)
  2. AdMob1
1 AdMob is an advertising network provided by Google. It allows us to display advertisements. By using this, we allow AdMob to collect certain information, like (but not limited to) time, location and device information. We however do not allow them access to your licence number or any information about your test, nor do we give them any personal contact information you supply us.

Analytics & Crash Data

Unlike many other apps, I do not believe in third-party analytics. Any analytical data that is collected is sent to my servers and accessible only by me. This data is purely so I can see what features people like and dislike so I can improve the service and identify any shortcomings the service may have.

In an ideal world, we wouldn't need to worry about crashes and bugs. However, they happen from time to time. I do my best to ensure the service is as bug and crash free as possible. In the even a crash does happen however, some information will be collected, for example, the feature you were attempting to use when the crash occurred, your IP address, your device type, your device operating system name, your device operating system version, your device screen dimensions, to name a few. This is all only collected in order to assess and fix any crashes or bugs.

Security of Information

I value your trust in providing me or the service with any information be it personal or otherwise. As such I take this trust very seriously and do everything in my power to ensure that your information is as safe as possible. Every piece of your personal information is encrypted using industry standard algorithms. They are decrypted only by the service for use.

However it's worth remembering that no method of transferring information is completely secure, new bugs and exploits in what were previously believed to be secure systems are found often. As such the informations security cannot be 100% guaranteed. But it is as safe as industry standard algorithms allow it to be.


Cookies are small files that are sent to your computer from your browser, the file is then stored in the computers memory. Cookies can be used for all sorts of things, but mostly they are used for identification on the website and preferences (i.e. so the website knows which theme to display, knows who you are to remember your account info etc).

CancelChecker does not explicitly use browser cookies. However the service itself (the mobile app) stores small pieces of information on your device for authenticating you with the app and configurations. We store an identification token, a little flag that tells us whether or not your device has registered with us before, a flag that tells us whether or not you want bio-authentication (i.e. TouchID/FaceID on iOS) enabled and finally a flag that tells us whether or not you want Dark Mode enabled.

Children's Privacy

CancelChecker has nothing inappropriate for children anywhere on it. However, the service is not tailored towards children in any way, it was made for people trying to pass their driving test in the UK, thus requiring the user to be aged 17 or higher. If however a child somehow submits any kind of Personal Information be it a phone number, email address or anything, please contact me and this information will be deleted from our servers immediately.

External Links

Throughout the service and this website, you may encounter links to other websites. I have no control over these websites and thus hold no liability when it comes to what they do, how they store information, how they operate or how they do anything. I do my best to ensure that you are never linked to anywhere malicious. However I advise that you thoroughly read the privacy policies of any websites that are linked.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is subject to change. If this policy is changed, we will ensure that everyone using the service is notified and aware of any changes. Changes to this Privacy Policy are effective immediately. With this in mind you are advised to review this Privacy Policy frequently.


If you have any suggestions, feedback or questions about this Privacy Policy or anything related to the service, I encourage you to contact me. I can be found via email or you can send me a Direct Message on Twitter @CancelChecker.